Veterans are persons who, in the years 1914-1956, actively participated in the struggles for Poland's independence and sovereignty within Polish or allied military units ( regular or underground). Besides, the following among other activities are treated as equivalent to military service during World War II: work within underground civilian authorities of the Underground Polish State, teachers' participation in clandestine education, giving shelter to persones whose harbouring was threatened with death penalty (e.g. persons of the Jewish ethnic origin). Included in this latter group of eligible beneficiaries have also been the participants of the riots against the communist government in December 1970.


The veterans' rights are granted to Polish citizens or persons who were Polish citizens when participating in the struggles for independence or suffering from oppression.


To Veterans who have been granted the relevant rights, various pecuniary benefits and privileges are due, which include among other things:

  • addition to the length of employment twice the period of independence activities,
  • an additional holiday of 10 working days a year,
  • a monthly pecuniary allowance of about PLN 420 (about  € 100),
  • 50% reduction of the city transport fares,
  • 51% reduction of the domestic railway and bus transport fares.

Veterans are also granted priority in the acces to community welfare services and homes for the elderly. Persons in difficult financial situation may recieve summary financial assistance.